wtorek, 22 kwietnia 2014

Mysterious Object

                Because our favorite company, has released a great set of useful tools for the hobby at a reasonable price, it has become a fashionable topic.
Perhaps later write about other tools such as pliers and drills, contrast, now I would like to describe an incredibly useful thing. In Poland it is called third hand, and the name is quite accurate.

 As you can see in the picture there are the two arms ending in a pair of pliers on the hard stand and magnifier in the middle.
I know many people who bought this thing and proved to be completely useless to them. For me, quite the opposite. 

The name speaks for itself. The thing helps with gluing, drilling, sanding, painting, not to mention about. But the most useful during soldering.
Of course, it takes a certain skill in handling this object, I say it is better for painting the empty paint pot + plasticine, but third hand guarantees you stability.

 And another advantage is the price. Of course, if not manufactured by one company mentioned in the beginning.
 In Poland, the Russians and Ukrainians sell them at flea markets for 15 PLN its about 3£...

 I would recommend anyone buying this mystical object because its no expense, and really helps a lot..

sobota, 19 kwietnia 2014

Some of my WFB miniatures

        I'm still waiting to a comfortable moment to do a tutorial of the miniatures magnetization. Suitable does it mean when a child will not be at home :)
 Instead, today I put some pictures of Skaven to WFB.

 Machines... They give Skaven army unique atmosphere.

I love skaven weapon team models. I have a few of each type :) Although I realize that they are a little use during the battle.


This is my conversion skaven plague catapult and the parts that were out of my doombel / plague furnance.

 ... and a few smaller models. Assasin is finecast and scored a fall, by which corner of the jacket could no longer be restored. Its a pity, because earlier looked like spinning shuriken. Plague Priest comes with the kit doombell / plague furnance, and engineer and clanrats comes from set of island of blood.

poniedziałek, 14 kwietnia 2014

WIP Dark Angels Deathwing Land Raider

I wanted to try out the camera, as it has become a showcase for the progress of the land raider. I'm still waiting for the crusader upgrade kit. Knowing Andrew is probably two weeks after Easter will be ... For the moment working on the shadows and the appropriate color. Let's say that with power Fist am glad But I had to necessarily change the driver's head. The one who glued this model could leave the hatches closed. Before me still a lot of sawing, cutting, gluing. This is a lesson not to buy used models in poor condition. Even if they are cheap.

niedziela, 6 kwietnia 2014

New Imperial Guard

When something new comes out of GW pages and sites about hobbies, flooding me photographs ...
The worst was probably the Imperial Knight. While this is a great model, epic in every way, I have little enough. What a lot of it and the pig will not eat :)
 I guess I am writing this because of some jealousy those who are, or may mieć.If my wife saw a model of this size would get a heart attack.

 But let us leave imperial knight because the topic is old and not fresh.
Rather I wanted to write something about Astra Militarum, or a new imperial Guard.

 My feelings probably are not other that throughout the rest of the Internet.

Infantry, is great. Especially scions. Probably not only to me reminds British commandos from battle of falkland. Perhaps even so was the idea of the designer.

It is worse with vehicles. Let's say that hydra /wyvern looks good, although it is  another variation of the chimeras probably. Especially hydra has something, or I just like to antiaircraft guns.

 On the other hand taurox / taurox prime is ugly as November's night. To me it associate with KrAZ 6322. Maybe because a lot of these I have seen, in the army, so far in Poland they run in a surface mines.


 Perhaps taurox would be nicer if  caterpillars been replaced with wheels. Somewhere I saw a set of wheels to the Chimera.These four caterpillars simply look silly.

piątek, 4 kwietnia 2014

Painting fence for customer

Today I painted the fence model in 1:1 scale. :) It gave me some experience with polyvinyl paint.
It's kind of liquid rubber. I do not know how you can use it in modeling hobby.
But as my son says: "It's a chemistry that if you eat one teaspoon, you will hit the graveyard ." :)
A thinner to the paint is even worse. 
I dont know, maybe i can use it to make some terrain or dioramas. 

wtorek, 1 kwietnia 2014

How to do wash of acrylic paint

I run out of  black wash, the model store in my city  did not have any, in Bard (local wargaming store)  had neither Army Painter nor Citadel wash. I needed it badly to move land raider painting. I dont want to wait, so buing it online was not an option.
So I bought a thinner for acrylics in paint store. Half a liter is the smallest package ...
Fortunately, I had a feeling and checked how it works on plastics. Probably the smell of the substance. Of course plastic was eaten. He first made a sticky, and later began to dissolve.
I could put it in my chaos army as a Nurgle possessed Land Raider.

But what to do ?
I looked through several online modeling forums, and found a solution to my problem.

How to make wash yourself:
Add paint to the water ? I tried it myself. It is not wash but only watered down paint.
It will not go into a depressions of the model, but remained on the protuberances and flat surfaces.
Dishwashing liquid is a trick.
Added to the watered down paint, causing it to behave like wash.
Choosing the appropriate proportions requires several experiments, but the results are satisfactory.