czwartek, 12 lutego 2015

Can Techmarine save my Landraider ?


            After several battles I noticed a kind pattern: Land Raider arrive on place, extracts cargo and in the next round dont kill anyone and it is destroyed in an explosion.I would like to say: " Let us hurry to love Landraiders,they pass away so fast..." (polish proverb)
So I had to figure out something that my landraider survived a little longer.

 The unit has potential. Not bad armor, plenty of firepower (Crusader) and costs quite a lot of points. (290 for me)

After some thought, I came up with the needs of TECHMARINE. 
If you equip it in a power field generator, protect landraider and the entire crew, with save 4 ++.
Ok. he costs 175 points, with 4 servitors, and a power field generator, 
but it is an additional strength of the fire,or if landraider is damaged, he can easily fix it.


Since I found it useful, I immediately bought a suitable model.Unfortunately, made of finecast, which I do not like.
I decided that my Techmarine will have a red armor to emphasize its relationship with adeptus mechanicum. Here some pics of WIP model.