niedziela, 22 listopada 2015

Two kits - three units.

Hello once again.  

Recently I bought a few sets to increase the size of my Raven Wings. You can read about it in posts with black paint :)

I bought, among other things Landspeeder and Landspeeder storm. Why Landspeeder storm, as Dark Angels can not put it in army lists ? Because it looks sensational,
and in addition the seller does not have a two ordinary ones.

 Glueing, magnetization and painting the  ordinary one was not a problem.
Also to glue Raven Wing ornaments from the remaining bits.

 More interesting is the second kit. Land speeder storm is used by the armies of the Space Marines Codex, known as vanilla marines. It may be added as a dedicated transport for scouts.
Because scouts are in the kit, and as I mentioned, I can not put it in this form, I had to make extraktion unit from the vehicle.
I have gained in this way six scouts in a rather strange poses. (At this point I decided  not to straighten them, because effects may have to be even weirder.)
The only thing left is to replace the driver and gunner with Space Marines in power armors.
Ravenwing bike sergeant and one remaining of my space marines fits well.

 The problem were the scouts. Some of them did not have weapons, and theyr poses were a more siting. And they had no cloaks. I decided to leave it as it is. Some I gave knives, some heavy bolters. One I had before. The one with sniper rifle. Thats the WIP effect of the seven man scout squad.