poniedziałek, 27 października 2014

Fimo modeling mass and a things I did


              I recently bought a few items. Among other things, the modeling mass produced by  Staedler
company. Great stuff. The mass is ideal for building terrains. Bricks, small walls, trees, rocks and whatever comes to mind. 

Since one picture is worth more than a thousand words, I put the whole movie to show how it looks.

 In addition to all the other advantages, has one: it is cheap. $ 4 per 0,5 kg.

środa, 8 października 2014

Slow progress

 Posts appear rarely, because you know, summer season, children, work, building ... the winter will be better :) 
 I have not done significant progress in Warhammer 40k. In total, out of a losing battle for 2500 pts against Sas's chaos , I have not played anything else.
With models, I bought Cadia Armored Fist. 10 stormtroopers painted the classic Cadia paint scheme . Chimera Transport I decided to glue and paint as part of the army of Death Korps of Krieg.
This required the purchase of DKK Tank Commander of the Far East :)

The effects I put on film. I'm just beginning and I completely lack the experience, I hope that the next video will be better.

 Of course, this is a WIP. There is still much to be done. To mount there are two frames with parts.
Hunter killer missile, dozer blade, and a radar antenna.
And of course, painting details, decals and other such ...