piątek, 10 lipca 2015

Skitarii Rangers painting phototutorial


In Poland is high summer, when the temperature is 33 degrees and there is no way to paint models. For over a two months I get tired of these Skitarii Rangers, and still two of them are not even started.
When painting, I took some pictures, so try to make them a little tutorial.

 At the first, of course, we should prime model. We use for this a single color paint.
 This may be the original primer, such as Citadel Imperial Primer, or any single color, matching the rest of the colors used later on the model. I decided on Abaddon Black, due to the large number of metal / mechanical parts of the model. the undercoating have done a brush, not spray so as not to flood the details.


Then, all metal and mechanical part, dry brush with brown paint. I used to this Oak Brown from the  Armypainter warpaints palette, but it can be any dark brown paint.

Then the same parts, paint the same technique we only use gold paint. For me it was P3 Burnished gold, but other gold/coppeer paint are also good for this step. Just be sure to not be too bright.

Now they look like golden army soldiers from Hellboy: Golden Army :P

Time to change this. Lets paint carefully coats in red. Mephiston red is the most suitable for this.
It allows you later lighten with other reds and oranges.

The inside of the coat, paint with ivory paint.
I use p3 Jack Bone because it is thin and well covers, but citadel paints are also good for this.

In fact, we already have the basics, now details. Drybrush (again) all metals with Boltgun metal, paint eyes with bright green paint.

To to imitate flashes of electricity, I used the Temple Guard Blue. Cables on his chest, the coils on the backpack, connectors on the legs and rifle parts.

 To enhance the effect, Citadel has a special line of paints - glazes. Here I used blue - Guiliman Blue. To highlight eyes, Vallejo Fluorescent green.

And that's basically the end of the tutorial, because I have no more photos. I did not make such a tutorial never before. I hope it was helpfull and you like it. Next time i take better camera, and try to explain details. At end some photos of others of my Skitarii.