sobota, 30 listopada 2013

My Dark Angels army

Now i have for my DA army:
Company Master Balthasar
Librarian Thurmiel
Interrogator Chaplain Seraphicus
Venerable Dreadnought
Deathwing Terminators sqad
Deathwing Knights with Knightmaster
Troops :
Space Marines Tactical sqad
9 marines with sergeant and plasma cannon heavy weapon
Space Marines Tactical sqad
5 marines with sergeant and missile launcher
Fast Atack :
Ravenwing Assault sqad
2 bikers and sergeant
No cattegory :
Deathwing command sqad

All in painted miniatures, ready for battle :)


Ok. Lets start it all over again.

This blog is about wargames and painting miniatures. Mainly warhammer 40k, but also warhammer fantasy battle and maybe other games. I want to share my painting and modeling progress.

Crusade Against Great Beast... was the crusade provided by young Lion El Johnson, Dark Angels Primarh on planet Caliban. Well because its mainly Dark Angels blog. Mainly but not only. I have Dark Angels, Chaos Space Marines for WH 40k and Skaven for WFB. In Near future i plan to buy some Imperial Guard miniatures.

Well, thats for introduction. In this blog i want to publish my painting progress, some photo and video tutorials. Army lists, batlle reports and other  stuff. Maybe some gossip and rumors from wargaming worlds. I hope u will like it.