niedziela, 26 kwietnia 2015

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After losing a few battles, I found that my Dark Angels need a strong ally.

It so happened that just GW announced the arrival of a new army - Adeptus Mechanikum Skitarii. As soon as possible, I preordered a Skitarii Rangers. Wonderful 10 models, with promising statistics. When the shipment arrived to me a few days later, we found that in addition to paints, brush and grass instead of the Rangers is Balistari Ironstrider. Initially I wanted to exchange incorrectly sent model, but on reflection, I decided to keep it.

       The model is great, it has a lot of options gluing and painting.
Like the other sets from the Skitarii army.
I put video below from unboxing the set.

Assembling the model was also a real pleasure.
In spite of only 2 frames with parts, it was really a lot of them out there. All the time I wondered how magnetize model to use it in a number of options.
Eventually I gave up and glued it as Balistarii Ironstrider with autocannons.

Immediately primed model and performed an appropriate base using structural paste.
       I decided to paint the model using the advices in the tutorial presented by Awaken Realms. Magnificent studio from Poland. Heres the WIP photos.

 And here with shading and decals added.

I still have a little to paint, and already ordered Rangers are on the way.

 I looked at the codex and Skitarii seem to be a very good ally.
Ironstrider itself has enormous firepower. and the Rangers and their Arquebus are awesome. Here the stats for that Rangers special gun ...

And here stats for Ironstrider: