niedziela, 27 września 2015

More black paint

The first free Sunday for a long time. All forward. Construction of the house progressed, my brother in law got married, children grow. The next summer came to an end.

It is time to show off some new acquisitions in my army of dark angels.
In a previous post I wrote about the second model exclusive for dark angels - Nephilim jetfighter / dark talon. Here are some pictures of my model, glued as Nephilim jetfighter, from different phases of painting.

And some closeups of the base.

Also recently I managed to buy occasionally, from a neighbor several smaller models.
Dark vengeance starter set, Deathwing knights and terminators from deathwing command.
So number of my bikes increases to 6, terminators to 15 and deathwing knigts to 10.

I decided we do not need two formations of 3 motors, only one larger. So, one sergeant of ravenwing  motorcyclists was out.
 Because in the models that I bought, was also limited chaplain Seraphicus, I decided to do conversions on a motorcycle.
  Itwas enough to cut in half the sergeant and chaplain and swap the upper halfs.
Here are the results :


And nearly finished...

Thats all. I hope you like it.  Now i need to finish five more motorbikes. Need more black paint ...