niedziela, 11 sierpnia 2013

Chaos repainting

Today i started to repainting my dark vengeance chaos. I want them look more Death Guard, but i dont want using green stuff on them :) Its oportnity to use my new valejo paints like transparent green (its something like glowing green wash ) and fluorescent green and yellow ( name speak for itself ).

sobota, 10 sierpnia 2013

Warhammer 40k bunker

Here is bunker i did about month ago. I used scrath materials to build like cake boxes, sand, and materials from castorama :) acrylic glazure glue and polipropylene foam. To paint I  used mostly valejo pigments and army painter paints.

piątek, 9 sierpnia 2013

Chaos cultist progress

Only 3 cultists more to paint. Then ill start to repainting rest of my dark vengeance chaos. I hope they will look more death guard.