poniedziałek, 31 marca 2014

New projects

A long time I did not write anything, but you know the kids ...  In the meantime, a number of projects was born.

For example, the guards which I wrote about some time ago was sent to me.
From Russia with love :) 
Perfect castings, resin 100 times better than finecast. Zero bubbles and dropouts.
The only thing missing is a assembly manual.

 Another project is the dark angels devastator sqad. I decided to assembly them with dark angels veterans bodies (robes !) and equip a Devastators weapons.
When I got both sets, after seeing all the parts, I decided to magnetize weapons. I have used magnets 5x2 mm. The smallest I was able to buy. For power armor fit perfectly.
At last I found that I can have both teams, if magnetize appropriate number of weapons. I'm in the middle :)

The next project is a Landraider. I bought one on allegro. Being used. Judging by the pictures,  I should not expect miracles. What I got was a real disaster. All painted with red spray, hopelessly glued, missing several sections of the tracks. But above all, there is no weapon in sponsons !
Now  I have to buy weapons on ebay, and maybe turn it into a crusader.

 When I spent a few hours on it, it can still be saved.