niedziela, 2 sierpnia 2015

Paint it black


          With the money that I saved by quiting smoking, I bought some models to improve my army of Dark Angels. In the light of the new Codex, which gives preference to Ravenwing, I decided to buy exclusive models that only Dark Angels have on their lists.

Assembling of both models took about 4 hours. Without any magnetization, because Landspeeder does not require, and  a plane, I knew in what Version I want.

And now painting ... It is hard to think of something in the model that is intended to be all black ...
 Brings us to the old hit ...


 After the gluing the two models, both prophylactically I sprayed with black spray paint from the Army painter.
 I received two perfect black body. And what's next ?
 In fact, it could expose them on the table already at this point. They were to be all black? and they are.
 But I guess that was not the point. The first to the workshop went Landspeeder.
A little dry brushing with irreplaceable astronomican gray (what will I do when it ends?) Emerged all the details of the model.

Model has two versions, both wonderful. The first is a version with kind of a chapel on top. Darkshroud. 

As you can see from the pictures, all black model is not a completely black.

And the second version of the model, with two plasma guns.
 Doing both versions does not even require the magnetization

 Now murdering another model that was black, but not completely.