niedziela, 15 maja 2016

More Vindicators

The third company of the Dark Angels, gained the second Vindicator. Just one more and my battles will set off Hammer of Caliban. This formidable formation of three Vindicators, Land Raider and techmarine finally bring victory to my armies.

The first of the  models I made, and I painted some time ago. The second recently.
Now and added some weathering to both models. Light for first, and a second heavy.


Practically all the ornaments which do not come with a set of Space Marines Vindicator, come with a set of Dark Angels Nephilim / Blacktalon.


In the second model, I tried to use all the techniques known to me. Striping paint, Stroking enamels, pigments, technical paints, pigments and so.

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