sobota, 16 stycznia 2016

Dark Angels vs Tyranids 1500 points

Hello. As promised, Im presenting  a report from the last battle, ended with the victory of my Dark Angels.

We met at Sas home to play any battle. I had two lists. For 3000 and 1500 points. It turned out that Chris has not yet come, and Siwy had a list of 1,500 Tyranids. We decided to play a short game before the main battle. Since none of us had datacards, we pick random mission without them.
Scenario was about securing objectives.
After initial raffles, dark angels chose the side of the table and begin first.
Deployment of the forces looks like this : 

Objectives are marked as white skulls.

I decided that I have no chances in close combat, but it is very likely that  I manage to shoot them all, before they get me.

In my opinion the biggest threat in the first round were genstealers and Brood Lord.
 I moved so just as to be able to shoot with everything.
To  Tyranids heavy monsters  ordained land raider with the team Belial - five Deathwing Knights. 

Shooting phase took place in accordance with my expectations. 

 Land Speeder Vengeance hits exactly from plasma storm battery in the center of genestealers.
Devastators and tacticals  finished the job.
Brood lord and genestealers were massacred. Only one genestealer survived.
The first part of the plan had been completed, although I missed the points for first blood.

 Tyranids did not have too much choice of movements.

The same shooting. Devastating shooting devices, had a range only to Land Raider and Tacticals behind cover. 

Land raider lost hull point, and tacticals lost missile launcher.

In the second round  time to eliminate dangerous great beasts.

Without missile launcher tacticals are useless, but landraider can shoot melta at carnifex and unload its cargo to charge at Hive Tyrant. Nephilim jetbike does that turn what it was designed to do. All six Black Sword missiles in Tyranofex. He could not survive a massive fire.

All this plans was succesful, although the rest does not hit. Time for close combat.
From land raider gets out "emperors hammer"  in the form of Belial, and five Deathwing Knights.

Charge of Deathwing was successfull and Hive tyrrant fell.  

When concentrated fire on the great beasts, these little raise me a bloodbath.

n tyranid round 2 Sammael and his bikes dies from 72 shots from termagants, and Land Raider was destroyed by Carnifex. But for tyranids was too late.

 In the third round of Carnifex he was beaten to death by knights and Belial, and in the fourth Warriors will meet the same fate.The remaining forces of tyranids are harmless.

 After the fourth round, we  agreed victory of the Dark Angels.